The Pocket - Dec. 6

I have always loved and enjoyed Christmas and I remember when I became an adult people with children telling me that Christmas was better with kids of your own. I didn't believe them, but I think I finally see what they were talking about. The Silly One is grasping the concept of Christmas and is quite excited. One tradition we had when I was growing up was an advent calendar. It looked like this:
A few years ago, one of my sisters came up with idea that we all make one like the original and we did. I made my husband do it with me when we were first married and until we had kids. (He didn't get as excited about it as I do.) This year it has been fun to watch the Silly One open the pocket. We always called it "the pocket" and would have to figure out whose turn it was to "open the pocket".  This morning I mentioned opening the pocket and the response was, "Yay! The pocket!" At that moment I was so happy that my son was so excited about something small, something I used to look forward to. Here's to many more years of opening the pocket!

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