I'll Be Home For Christmas - Dec. 14

Today was the last day of class and it reminded me of one of my favorite Christmas memories. I was a freshman coming home from college for the holidays. I had one of my roommates with me as she wasn't flying home until a few days later and she was staying at my home until then. Several things went wrong and it seemed to take FOREVER to get home. It had been a long hard semester as I am sure all freshman experience when starting college. We rode a shuttle for 4 hours to the airport where my dad met us. Just when I felt so close my roommate lost some of her luggage and we had to deal with the lost and found at the airport. :\ After what seemed like a couple of hours delay we finally came close to being home. We turned onto my parent's street and the Christmas lights were on and soon we drove in front of the house and I saw my mom's old fashioned Christmas tree in the living room window. It was the most beautiful tree! And really it could have looked just like it does every year but there was something special about it this time. Tears came to my eyes as I thought, "I'm home, I am finally home for Christmas." 
I realized then more than ever that there is no place like home for Christmas.

Peace and rest at length have come,
All the day's long toil is past;
And each heart is whispering,
'Home, Home at last!'
- Thomas Hood

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  1. I had a similar experience my junior year. I wasn't as far away as you, but it was a hard semester, and it was a huge relief to be home. It was the garland on the staircase that did it for me when I walked in the front door.