Time of Need

Yes, I am writing this blog post during General Conference but I wanted to share "the good" I just witnessed before I forgot. I was running some errands with the Silly One during sessions. We were on our way home and waiting to turn left onto the major street that goes to our neighborhood. The light turned green and we didn't move, I started to feel impatient and frustrated that someone obviously wasn't paying attention. I then saw two guys jump out of two different vehicles in front of me. I saw a guy on a motorcycle who just turned stop and get off. They all saw a man unable to start or move his car and started to push the car. I didn't make it through the light but wasn't frustrated anymore. I watched as a couple of guys stayed to see how they could continue to help. I wondered about myself and willingness to watch out for the welfare of others. I was so amazed at how quickly those guys were there to help that other man in his time of need. It was inspiring and another one of those moments where my faith in mankind is uplifted. There are good people out there, all around us. Everyone struggles and some of those struggles are more visible than others.