Easy DIY Valance

I have had this piece of fabric for my boys' room for like 2 years, sad I know. I finally saw this idea and was motivated to get it done for their room. So here is my material list:
Fabric (At least 12" long and several inches longer than the window)
Ribbon (optional)
2x3 board (an inch or two longer than the window)
Spray Adhesive
Small Angle Brackets
Wood Screws

Fabric Instructions:
1. Hem the edges so they are crisp and clean. I just did a simple fold over hem. I used pinking shears to prevent fraying. You only need to do the sides and bottom edges.
2. I added a ribbon to embellish it a little and add some interested. I just used a simple gray grosgrain and stitched it straight across on the top and bottom of the ribbon. 

I thought about adding pleats and then had to reign it in because it is for boys, I think it needed to be more simple for them. I prefer spray adhesive because it applies smooth, is tacky to re-position if needed and dries quick. 
1. Glue each end of the board with fabric flush to the bad edge as shown above. Leave enough fabric on top to meet the back of the board. 
2. Center the fabric on the board and glue the front of the board. Fold under the excess on the sides. This adds some interest and gives the side a little flare. Play with the folds before gluing to make sure it is positioned exactly where you want. 
3. Fold over the top and glue. 
Back view, glued and ready to hang. 

Get out the drill! I think I am weird but I actually love getting the drill out.The drill doesn't scare me but not making it level does, huge pet peeve for the Smart One, so I was a little nervous just doing it myself. I was extra careful and was very pleased with how perfectly level it ended up. :)
1. Attach the brackets to the bottom of the board, spaced evenly. I used 4 brackets to just make sure it was supported enough. 
2. Using a level mark the spots with a pencil for the screws to attach to the wall. Notice the space between the top of the window and bottom of the board. Most often there is a metal plate at the top of the window and will be much harder to screw in needing a special drill bit and screws. 
3. Starting in the middle start attaching with the screws. Adjust location of screws as needed, things shift a little when inserting the screws. 

Stand back and enjoy! I am really happy with the way it turned out and added a little interest and pattern to the boys' room.