I was getting ready this morning when a little someone got into the sock-drawer, I have a bit of an issue with boring socks. He did pick out some good ones I have to say. He was quite proud of himself.


Good in College Athletics

It is hard to find something "good" to talk about when it comes to college athletics. I love college sports and would prefer to watch them over professional games almost always. ESPN published this story about Brandon Davies returning to BYU to play basketball this upcoming season. It was refreshing to see that someone outside the world of BYU seeing the good that comes from living up to commitments a person makes, no matter how hard the consequences might be. Amazing, truly amazing. The writer also talks about how BYU fans could have treated Davies after it all and how they showed care and compassion. I remember hearing the news and being frustrated and then taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture. The last game of the season BYU has won the conference championship and each player and coach took a turn in cutting down the net. It was quite the sight to see as after all the players had gone they gave Brandon a chance and as he started climbing the ladder the crowd cheered about as loud as they had for Jimmer and Jackson. That was a great experience to witness. Enough of my ramblings, it is just nice to see good and others recognizing it as well. 
"If you demand more from people, people will rise to meet the higher standards. You can get what you insist upon. So don't sell people's capacity to do the right thing short. People do summon their best selves when it's required of them."
-Arthur Ashe