Stake Conference

This weekend was our stake conference. I usually enjoy stake conference but I have to admit I struggle as well, and that is usually with the general session on Sunday. It did finally click to me why they have an adult meeting on Saturday night, it is so people with young kids can actually get something out of stake conference. Seriously. Anyway one of the things that impressed me the most came from our Stake President Saturday night (go figure). He read the first part of 1 Nephi 19:1, "And it came to pass that the Lord commanded me, wherefore I did. . . " He stopped and explained that the Lord commanded Nephi to do many things and he did them. We need to be the same way. He challenged us to write down one thing we have been asked to do that we aren't doing and work on it. There are many times that after meetings like that I feel so uplifted but also look at my life and think I have so much to work on and improve. It was comforting to me that he asked us to pick one, that is not so overwhelming for me. Now the trick is to make my goal a habit, but the first step is writing it down, right?


Master Bedroom

Before and it so needed some interest!
 Another one of my resolutions was our master bedroom. I had a plan and created a design last summer after watching some HGTV and doing a little research. I came across this awesome product from Inhabit Living. They have some great stuff but I immediately fell in love with the wall flats and we chose the Stitch Style. The great thing about this company is that they sell "seconds" as singular panels so we were able to buy just a few instead of a whole box. I had the texture or interest for the wall and now needed colors. 

Paint Sampling
I had been thinking of all sorts of color palates that the Smart One would be ok with and when I finally talked him into doing this project for my birthday we talked about colors for real. We were driving to pick some colors out and I made the comment, "It is all I can do to not want to paint our whole room purple." We got there and found some great colors. The main wall color - Clark + Kensington's Baby Elephant and then the Smart One suggested Bengamin Moore's Cabernet. I thought I had died and gone to Heaven when he suggested PURPLE. Just with the sampling we thought the original color was too dark, the furthest to the left. I had them lighten it and thought it was perfect. It was only for the headboard after all. 
Main wall color and plywood mounted
We painted the wall the Baby Elephant color and then attached a piece of plywood to the wall. The plywood was used for the wall slats. At first we tried carpet tape, that didn't work. So we tried contact cement and that did the trick. 
Ready to move the bed back
We then just got a simple molding to frame the whole headboard and painted it the same color as the other trim in the room.  

  I also realized we needed some matching nightstands. I saw this idea on pinterest that I would love to do someday. But I then found this product made by WayBasics that will do for now until we have a custom bed made one day. :) The Smart One figured out a good system to attach them to the wall and I have to say I am more than happy with the way it all turned out. 

I realize this isn't for everyone, but my motto with design is that if you love it then it is perfect for you. And it is for us!

Material List:
Inhabit Living - Wall Slats, Stitch pattern
Benjamin Moore - Cabernet lightened 20 drops of white
Clark+Kensington - Baby Elephant
Simple molding from Home Depot
WayBasics - Cube Storage Plus in Black