Little Conversation - Dec. 1

Today's Christmas good came from a little conversation I had with my son. I mustered up the courage to go to Walmart with two kids, I have been very weary doing this. It wasn't too bad, thanks to the Silly One being more cooperative than usual. Anyway the wind was blowing like crazy and so I luckily had parked next to the cart return. I put the kids in the car and then loaded the groceries in the trunk. As I was returning the cart another woman started talking to me about the wind and how we couldn't see anything. It was just a friendly conversation and we went our separate ways. I went to buckle up the Silly One and this is what followed:
Silly One: Mom, who you talk to?
Me: Just a nice lady
Silly One: Your friend?
Me: Just a friendly lady, I had never seen her before.
Silly One: Oh. My friend is at work.
Me: Who is your friend?
Silly One: My dad.

I thought that was so sweet. Sometimes we treat our friends better than our family and to the little guy they are one in the same. I need to be more like him.

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