I took the boys to the dinosaur museum on Wednesday. The Silly One has been asking for weeks to go and we had an off afternoon so I decided we needed an outing. It is always fun to go and it was really great this time because it was pretty empty and we could look at whatever we wanted and spend as much or little time wherever. The museum starts with the oldest creatures and then moves forward in time. So towards the end they have mammels and such. We got to the exhibit below and the Silly One said, "Look at the monkeys!" Really? I don't have a clue why he thought that, perhaps he is advanced in scientific thinking and has his own thoughts on evolution. :)

He needed a picture with the "monkeys."
In a nearby exhibit there were more mammals and this one to me looked like a llama. Before I could point it out to the Silly One he said, "This one says he has a long neck like a giraffe." And there you have it. 

We'll have to keep going to the dinosaur museum to get some more frequent entertainment like this!


Starting Over

It is only January 8th and I plan to take down my Christmas decorations this coming week. I have a hard time taking them down each year. I think it is because I dread January. I am trying to be good about it, I think every year I think I need to be better about January. It also is just that I do love the holidays so much and the change in decor is fun, I take it down and go back to the regular stuff. :\

Anyway, I enjoy doing resolutions each year and this year I am doing a little twist on it. I read an article about an annual bucket list instead of resolutions and we are trying it out. I'll just list my resolutions and a few of our family items on the bucket list.
My resolutions:
1. Continue my Organization Plan and implement that into daily life.
2. Read the Book of Mormon as part of my daily study
3. Finish at least 4 seasons of my Sarah Jane patterns and hang them in my home
Family Bucket List:
1. Trip to South Bend with the Smart One to watch our favorite Boys in Blue (aka BYU Cougars) play Notre Dame.
2. Camping some place new
3. Finally get my master bedroom done (painting and my custom head board and perhaps the diy night stands)

"Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man." - Benjamin Franklin

It is always fun to look back on the past year and the things that have been accomplished. One of my goals from last year was to see more good, hence the reason I started this blog. It has been just over a year and I love having a reason to look and share the good in my life. Many times I experience or see something and think, awesome I can blog about that. Here's to pleasant reflections of the past year and a Happy New Year filled with many blessings and happiness!