Your Children Want YOU

I have seen several people post this article on facebook or blogs and I finally took a minute to read it today. I would recommend reading it if you have a minute, it isn't very long. As I sat down to read this I had my 3 year old screaming in his bedroom because he crumpled up his bread that was part of his meat and cheese sandwich. He wanted more meat and cheese but not the bread. So when the bread went to the floor he went to bed for a nap. (I know I'm a mean mom.) I read the article and thought I have so been there before countless times. It is hard being a mom but it is also a wonderful blessing. I feel the same as this woman, if I could choose any mother in the world to be my mom it would be my mom. All I can do is be that same type of mother that is just right for my kids. I don't have any great insights or thoughts to make things better or I would be doing them. But at the end this women posed a question and a challenge, it is something I am going to try to do. I am who I am, I am enough.

QUESTION: How do you keep the right perspective on your importance to your family - in the midst of so many ideas and temptations to compare yourself with others?

CHALLENGE: Recognize any tendencies you might have to get wrapped up in discouragement, and set up a regular way to remind yourself that your children want you.
I love my little guys and am grateful to be their Mommy.


What to buy when

I love saving money, it actually is a bit of a hobby. I am a couponer and I search out deals. I am not crazy about coupons like some people but I definitely use them on stuff my family uses or needs. So when I read an article in Parents magazine called "A Year's Worth of Deals" last week it was right up my alley. Some of the items were no-brainers but I thought it was a great overview and something to remember for the future. I considered tearing the page out to keep it and then remembered whenever I do that I end up losing it and whatever I wanted to remember I don't. (Am I the only one that this happens to?) Anyway that is one reason I love pinterest, it saves me from losing stuff. So posting this here I am doing it for my benefit and maybe someone else will find it useful too.

Luggage - prices drop to get rid of what didn't sell during the holidays with the travel push.
Sports Equipment - prices are lower during the colder/off-season months
Exercise Equipment - take advantage of those who made healthy New Year's resolutions
Linens - it has been a traditional sale in January since 1878.
Furniture - new styles come in February so they need to make room

TV's - good deals before Super Bowl Sunday
Cameras & Camcorders - Electronics trade shows happen in January so last year's models will be discounted for new products
Winter clothes - Spring and Summer approaching so now you can stock up for next year. (I do this especially with kids clothes).

Grills - getting ready for spring and retailers want to unload last year's models.

SAVE YOUR MONEY - retailers anticipate you getting a tax refund so many places will actually increase prices.

Vacuums - New models come out in June, get rid of the older models

Tools - prices drop in time for Father's Day

Furniture - Second round of new styles come in August so the old inventory needs to go

Summer Clothes - Fall and Winter around the corner so stock up on warm weather clothes for next season.
Computers - Retailers want to get in on the back to school action
Small Appliances - Microwaves and toasters want to see back to school action as well.

Cars - Dealers are eager to move inventory for new models. Best selection will be now although prices may drop further towards the end of the year.
Outdoor Equipment - Stores are getting ready to sell snow blowers and leaf blowers so they will drop the prices of lawnmowers and patio furniture.

Big Appliances - Next year's models are coming. You can also save more if you are okay with a little dent or scratch.

TV's - Thanksgiving and football, enough said.

Toys - It's actually a miracle they price this right when you are looking for it.

Stuff you can buy anytime during the year:
Homes - especially right now it is a buyer's market (I know a great Realtor if you need one!)
Cell Phones - new models come out all the time so there are often sales when there is a shift in stock
Mattresses - Always negotiate listed price, you can often talk your way into a better deal.