Photo of the Day - A Game

This was just too perfect for today's picture. We are big BYU fans and went to the basketball game tonight. We loved watching our Cougars beat Pacific tonight!
Near the end of the game. 
Here we are cheering on the boys in blue!


Photo of the Day - Laugh

Laugh was actually the challenge for yesterday but I loved this picture. The boys think they are pretty funny. One thing they love to do is put on their Daddy's shoes and show him they are wearing them. Of course he makes a big deal so it is even more fun for them. This was the Small One this morning:

Photo of the Day - Making

We've been "making" a few things around here lately so I'll share two. Here is the finished wreath that I showed the start of the other day. My inspiration came from here and I am pretty happy with how it turned out, especially after how it started a year ago. One project done and another in progress!
 Remember the project I showed the plans of on my computer? So excited to have it going up on the wall! The Smart One is so good about my projects. True it takes some convincing to get him on board, but he is wonderful about making them come alive. This morning the Small One kept saying, "You and Daddy made these?" as he looked at the progress we made even after the boys went to bed last night. Sanding, caulking and painting are still left on the check list. 

We also made these lovelies for dessert tonight. They were fantastic!


Photo of the Day - On My Plate

Of course I thought I should take a picture of my Loaded Baked Potato Soup with toss salad and baking powder biscuits but then I ate most of it and it didn't look as good or at least presentation worthy. :) So here is what is on my craft plate, of course another project.

This is a Valentine wreath I started last year that started to look like poo so I stopped and it sat in my basement in a bag until last week. I am doing a redo and just finished wrapping the wreath with yarn. So far so good. 


Photo of the Day - Black and White

I've missed several days, but I am dealing with it. I had a sinus infection and I was trying to get things back to normal including myself this week. I am hoping this is it for my sinuses. :) Well here is my black and white pic, not technically black but it is Dark Chocolate hot cocoa.
We were outside for awhile and the boys were playing with some of the neighbor kids. At one point I told the Small One his hands looked cold. He looked at me and then at his hands and kept going. They eventually did get cold and we came in to warm up before making dinner. Good times.


Photo of the Day - a building

This should have been an easy one because there are so many buildings I love and have seen. I could share millions of pictures of ones I love. But as I was driving through the old part of my city I came across this great house. I am guessing early 1900's as to when it was built. I wonder if it is on the historic register and has a date. I'll have to check it out. The design is so intriguing to me, I would love to go in it and know the stories that house could tell. There are some great details in it as well, the stained glass windows, the chimney shape and balcony railing are my favorites. I couldn't do the house justice with just one photo so here are two.
The house sits on a corner which makes the shape and orientation so perfect. The front door is on the right.

Cool brick work for the chimney and interesting balcony railing.


Photo of the Day - artwork

Friday night we had a movie night here at home and the boys made some decorations for the event. As you can see there are some favorite characters around here. 


Photo of the Day - Dark

When I first saw today's description I wasn't sure what to do or if I wanted to take a picture of something dark. Anyway we went to the library this morning and someone must have lost a glove but it looked so cool with the icicles hanging off of each finger. The boys also thought it was pretty great, we love discovering neat things like this together. I put a dark filter on it, that counts right?

Photo of the Day - Delicate

This is the photo that was supposed to be for the 9th but don't worry, today's is not far behind. Guess what is in bloom? Seriously I bet you wish you had this beauty blooming on your counter in January. I love this flower!


Photo of the Day - Looking Up

Yesterday was the first day of school for me and it snowed all day. I did take this picture while on my way to work, I was obviously stopped at a light lest you think I was doing something horribly dangerous. It is one of the many old and pretty buildings downtown. Something draws me to trees with newly fallen snow. Hopefully today's picture will come before the day is done. 


Photo of the Day - outside

This picture was taken actually Saturday evening as we were driving to a basketball game. I will admit that the snow can help make beautiful sunsets. The world is so beautiful, God knew what he was doing when He created it all. 

Photo of the Day - on the counter

This was actually yesterday's picture, I fell asleep while the Smart One was working on the wireless. So it is a photo of something I love on my counter. I love plants and I have a Christmas cactus that seems to prefer blooming in January. I prefer it to be that way because then I have beautiful flowers to enjoy when the world is frozen outside.
I will definitely take pictures when it is in full bloom. 


Photo of the Day - Fresh

January means here come the new house projects which obviously needs the fresh ideas. Here is the project in the works:

Obviously it is just in the plan stage, and yes, I draw up on AutoCAD most of the house projects. (I draw picture layout options in AuotCAD) My sister is the one who found the idea and told me about it. Now we can do it together. I also knew my husband would want in on the action and wanted a saw for Christmas so he could help with the project. ;) It is always exciting for me to have a new project especially if I can get my paint brush out for a fresh coat of paint!


Photo of the Day - Organize

A little introduction. I am not a photographer and I am not one that thinks I take fabulous pictures or even tries to take fabulous pictures, I just enjoy taking pictures. With that said, anyone that knows me knows that January is hard for me. It is a let down from the holidays and having lived in Utah my whole life, with the exceptions of two years in Eastern Idaho, January is usually cold and depressing. This is where you can start thinking about the lines from Groundhog Day, "It's going to be cold, it's going to be wet and it is going to last you the rest of your life." Really I feel that way at times.

One of my goals this year is to be more positive but I'll blog about that later. So part of that I am going to try to take a picture each day the month and January and hopefully that will help me not hate the next 30 days. And I am not going to get frustrated or down on myself if I skip a day (ahem, like yesterday, you know, January 1st.) I am using the photo list from the Idea Room. Most days probably won't have this long of an explanation. I guess I just had to write down my reasoning to justify myself?

Today is Organize:

We've been sorting and organizing toys. It helps when you get cute blue bins for Christmas and a great deal on more bins at IKEA!