More Organized part 1

One of my resolutions or goals was to get more organized. This really is going to be a year long process for me and maybe more. I had this problem:

It was driving the Smart One crazy! And not only did I have necklaces, bracelets and miscellaneous jewelry scattered on the dresser, the Silly One could reach most of it. (sigh) I knew something had to change and I had seen some ideas on pinterest but nothing I actually thought would be perfect for me. So my idea came from a few ideas and my own imagination. :) 

I found this great board/plaque at DI (Deseret Industries) for 75 cents. It had a little damage on a couple of the corners but it was in decent shape and had holes in the back so it could be easily hung up on the wall. I spray painted the edges black. The Smart One helped with this step because it was so cold in the garage when I was trying to do it. :)

I then found some sweet paper that I didn't think I would get sick of quickly and used mod podge to cover the board. I had to actually use two pieces because the dimensions of the board were approx. 14" x 11". I then found a 4 pack of bathroom hooks from Walmart for a couple of dollars. They had adhesive backs so I didn't have drill anything just stick them on. I had most of the supplies but out of pocket for this project I spent less than $5!

Add jewelry and hang it on the wall (above and out of reach of the Silly One). Not everything is hung up like earrings and such but the dresser looks much better! I do have some other ideas churning about the earrings but it will have to wait. We are in the middle of my master bedroom plan. I am so excited for the finished product! Stay tuned. 

How are your resolutions/goals coming?


I Love Pinterest

I love pinterest, it is no lie around here. These two ideas (idea 1 and idea 2) on pinterest inspired me to add a little Valentine's Decor.
The black paper has swirls on it and is better close up. The letters are these patterned transparent letters on pink paper. 

Just some simple hearts above the door. I love the ribbon, it was actually on a present I got for my birthday this week. 
Hearts are pretty simple, not sure I'll do anything with shamrocks. :)