Positive Challenge - Day 5

Here we are at Day 5, five days later than day 4. There are positive things that happen each day and most are rather small but focusing on them helps make things better. Here we go:

1. Baseball game for FHE. We tried to go Saturday as part of our Summer Fun list but it was postponed because of the rain. I'm glad we finally made it tonight. 
2. I enjoy food and making it for my family (most of the time!). I especially love when my kids love what I make, today was a success with poppy seed muffins for breakfast and fish for dinner. 
3. Tomorrow I celebrate 8 years with this guy! 
This was us at the Ogden Temple open house a bit over a week ago. We got to celebrate Friday night which was great, tomorrow is the one Tuesday I work in August each year. Each year gets better and better, it has been a wonderful ride and I am excited for what the future will bring and that I have my best friend by my side. 

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