Photo of the Day - Making

We've been "making" a few things around here lately so I'll share two. Here is the finished wreath that I showed the start of the other day. My inspiration came from here and I am pretty happy with how it turned out, especially after how it started a year ago. One project done and another in progress!
 Remember the project I showed the plans of on my computer? So excited to have it going up on the wall! The Smart One is so good about my projects. True it takes some convincing to get him on board, but he is wonderful about making them come alive. This morning the Small One kept saying, "You and Daddy made these?" as he looked at the progress we made even after the boys went to bed last night. Sanding, caulking and painting are still left on the check list. 

We also made these lovelies for dessert tonight. They were fantastic!

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