Photo of the Day - a building

This should have been an easy one because there are so many buildings I love and have seen. I could share millions of pictures of ones I love. But as I was driving through the old part of my city I came across this great house. I am guessing early 1900's as to when it was built. I wonder if it is on the historic register and has a date. I'll have to check it out. The design is so intriguing to me, I would love to go in it and know the stories that house could tell. There are some great details in it as well, the stained glass windows, the chimney shape and balcony railing are my favorites. I couldn't do the house justice with just one photo so here are two.
The house sits on a corner which makes the shape and orientation so perfect. The front door is on the right.

Cool brick work for the chimney and interesting balcony railing.

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