Square Foot Garden

There is something quite satisfying and making something out of nothing. There is also something satisfying in working outside to make things beautiful. That is where I would put gardening and I think I have that love of plants and the outdoors because of my Dad. Growing up we would work outside from mowing the lawn to weeding the garden. I remember one time when I was quite young, my little brother and I had the job of taking all the rocks out of our garden. It wasn't pleasant but I do remember eating the fresh fruits and vegetables that came from our garden every year and loved that. 
Since the Smart One and I have been married we have tried to do some sort of garden each year. Some years have worked and some have failed miserably. The first summer we were married we planted zucchini where some bushes had died in front of our apartment, that was awesome.We were able to move our fence this spring and get about 5-6 more feet in our yard, perfect for a square foot garden. I read this book and tried to do many of the things the author suggested. I checked it out from the library but I think it will soon be part of our library. The Smart One did a lot of work to build the box and work with my vision. It was more work than we anticipated which means the next time we need a box he might just buy a kit. ;) Here is the result:

I planted pumpkins, straight neck summer squash, tomatoes, red and green peppers, eggplant, strawberries, marigolds, corn, cucumbers, and lavender. Several of these I started earlier in little planters and planted everything this morning. I got a lot of help from the Silly One in planting and digging holes. The Small One helped by taking a good nap. So this turned into a family garden in which everyone did something to help. Hopefully we'll have a plentiful garden picture to post later this summer. 

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