Little Moments

Last night I was thinking about how my son it growing up so fast. And there are times when having a young child can be frustrating beyond belief but I started thinking about some of the cute and sweet things he has done recently. Remembering those are worth the frustrating moments. The sweet moments are what I need to hold onto. 

Moment 1: Sunday morning I went in his room to get him and when he saw me he said, "So glad I found a Mommy." I loved it, he was so happy to see me. 

Moment 2: Also on Sunday my shirt was hanging up in the bathroom and he came in and said, "Oh beautiful." Then when I put it on he said the same thing. Now I realize he is just learning new words and how to use them but what a sweet little fellow. This morning I hadn't done my hair (it was just in a pony tail) and he started playing/messing it up and said, "Beautiful hair." At least he knows how to make me smile. 

What little moments do you enjoy? Be sure to not let them pass by. 

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  1. Awww, what a sweet little dolly boy! Isn't it nice to have someone who thinks you are beautiful unconditionally? (You are by the way!)