Home Improvements

Anytime I improve a space in my home I definitely see the good in that! I love the little projects and getting what I envisioned done. I think the Smart One just likes to get them done and I like to believe he is pleased with the outcome as well. Remember my Master Bedroom project from last winter? The Smart One gave me some lamps for Christmas to complete the look. I love them!

And then we have the half bath. I started to re-do this room in the fall and just didn't get it finished until this last weekend. I convinced the Smart One that it was ok to paint a small room purple. And yes, the same purple as our headboard. (Aren't I a lucky girl?) When I first did he told me he felt oppressed every time he went in there. 
Before - July 2010
I didn't paint all the walls, just three and then behind the toilet I wanted wallpaper. There still are a couple of things to finish. I am going to frame the mirror and then figure something to put on the wall. Maybe a couple of floating shelves? We'll see, but so far so good. 

After - January 2013: Paint and wallpaper!
I wanted a wallpaper that added some pattern, not really more color. 
Close up of the wallpaper I love!
I have another project in mind, not quite in the works, to use more of the wallpaper. I am excited! I love getting these types of projects finished. 

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