Day 28

Today is to show a picture of something I am afraid of. Honestly? I am afraid of the dark, so instead of inserting a picture of complete darkness I am modifying it a little. Life is short and I guess this isn't really a fear but I always want to enjoy life's moments as they come. I want my loved ones to know how much they mean to me. Below is my awesome cousin, and I feel like this is one of those where he is enjoying the moment. 
This picture is how I remember my cousin best, last night he passed away. He and his family have been through a lot, more than I can ever imagine trying to handle, but they did it. They did it with patience and with love. I came across this picture last night as I was going through old pictures and had to laugh to myself because it is just typical of him. He is in a better place and I am sure he is at peace. The best part is knowing that families can be together forever, plain and simple but it makes life worth living. 

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