"Gratitude is express in prayer and thanksgiving, but more so in living lives of honor and integrity, of kindness and compassion, in awareness of others and their needs, and an honest expression of gratitude for all those who bless and affect our lives for good. Thanksgiving is best expressed in thanks-living - in lives of goodness and obedience and love and service."
- A. Theodore Tuttle

This quote is on my fridge, I need a reminder handy. Ever noticed that when you are grateful for the things around you that you are happier? Happens to me all the time. Things I am grateful for today:
1. Faith and hope in Jesus Christ
2. Being married to my best friend for eternity
3. Having the cutest son in the world (yes I am biased!), he always makes me smile
4. Hot chocolate
5. Adding color to my life (more on that later)

** 01.25.11 UPDATE: I recently started reading another blog mostly for the recipes but today is Gratituesday, how clever is that? Join us for Gratituesday at Heavenly Homemakers!

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